Sports Vision

Man passing the basketball to another player.There is no Ophthalmologist in Georgia and perhaps the entire country with more involvement with Sports Vision as Dr. Marmer:

  • Team Ophthalmologist for the NBA Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team for 35 years.
  • Team Ophthalmologist for the NHL Atlanta Knights professional hockey team.
  • Team Ophthalmologist for the ABA Atlanta Glory Women’s Professional Basketball team.
  • Team Ophthalmologist for the 1996 Olympic Games.
  • Team Ophthalmologist for the 2001 Maccabi Games.
  • Team Ophthalmologist for the 2019 Maccabi Games.

Marmer Medical Eye Center PC is a Sports Vision Prevention Center.

Dr. Marmer advocates eye protection for all contact sports and racquet sports including baseball. He encourages little league and recreational leagues to utilize protective gear.

As the ophthalmologist for the ocular injuries presenting to the Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center Level One Trauma Center, Dr. Marmer is very experienced in treating ocular trauma.


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